Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Fuck You, Obama. Fuck You

Fuck You, Obama. Fuck You 

I'll gladly use my first admendment right to give a big FUCK YOU to President Obama. Why, you ask? No, I'm not some right wing republican, but even the most left leaning HOPE AND CHANGE sucker could stand behind that cursing of our commander and chief after viewing this view.

"We tortured some folks"

How the fuck... My fucking god. How do you say that with such brass balls. Jesus fucking christ. How carelessly is that tossed out. Yeah, he may have banned them after taking office, but Gitmo took how long to close? He still has troops in the shit holes of the world and you know what else is just fucked up and crossing the line? Spying on your allies and alienating other countries.

So to you, Mr. President, I give a big ol' FUCK YOU.

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