Sunday, December 7, 2014



Here's some notes on Interstellar now that it has been out for a bit of time.

At the beginning of the film when the drone comes into Cooper's sight, as well as when all the farming equipment he programed goes crazy at the dude's home because of magnets/gravity, that just seems like, I'm guessing, that the THEM that opened up that warm hole in the future isn't humans, it's the TARS robots. They're the machines from the future communicating in a manner that to them via gravity, is a normal part of their many dimensional understanding.

Hell, I'm guessing that they even manipulated Cooper's test ship to and made him crash so that he had to become a farmer.

So the future is there for humans because the TARS of the future set it all in motion the first go around. Thus we avoid the time paradox stuff that usually plagues this sort of film.

Besides, it's not like it was all explained to us in True Detective anyway....

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