Friday, November 13, 2020


Listen, now that the electoral college and the popular vote has gone to President Elect Joe Biden, I feel like I can easily talk shit on Donald Drumpf. Especially because he continues to refuse to concede. Arizona was just officially called for Biden, so really, the fat lady has sung. There is no viable pathway for Drumpf to get to the required 270 to get anything. 

He Lost, Good day!   I say good day!

At least the reality of that should be sinking in. Just recently the law firm representing Donnie's fraud case in Philly has pulled out of representing him once the judge reminded them that filing baseless claims like this come with the backlash that they can and will be held accountable and fined without any proof, which, ultimately is the biggest issue with this whole case. There isn't any proof.  But is there?  Lt. Governor from Texas wants to believe so. So much that they currently have a 1 million dollar reward for any proof of voter fraud.  Which kind of tells you everything you need to know about the situation of not having any proof. 

The reality is that Donald is holding off on conceding because once you concede, you can't be shaking that tin cup for donations for a fund that claims it goes towards your legal defense fund. But in true Trump fashion, the devil is in the detail. And the detail in the fine print pretty much tell you everything you need to know. Specifically that 60% of any given contribution, up to $5,000, will go to Save America, a Trump PAC that will be used towards paying down his campaign debt or whatever the hell he wants. Then 40% will go towards the RNC. Which kind of tells you exactly why there's a list of republican law makers who will go along with this silly issue and allow Trump the ability to voice the biggest sore loser acts this nation has seen.  But unless you donate $8k, then the money is just going into the grifter's pocket.

The bigger implication in all this is that Trump is collecting money so he can still have a major hand in ruling that funding over Republican's success in the 2022 elections. Which, let's be honest, it may seem that trump's rule over the party is far from over despite clearly losing this election.

A side note.  If trump touts that his project Warp Speed helped Pfizer get to the 90% effective vaccine, Pfizer has stated it did not take money for the development of the vaccine. They didn't want to be beholden to the U.S.  Again, Trump is just his typical grifter style.

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