Sunday, February 2, 2014

Commercialize and the Big Foot Ball Game

Commercialize and the Big Foot Ball Game

Let's face reality, a great part of the Super Bowl is all about cheering for the team you swear you were cheering to win the entire season.... the other part is to enjoy the vast amounts of commercialization and consumer products being sold to you. Because a lot of this game is all about selling you shit you don't need.

In doing so the hype about the ads shown during the game goes fucking crazy leading up to it. This year it seems like the companies can't wait to get the hype train going and just cranked out a shit ton of them early.

So here they are, because I always talk shit about them anyway. Thanks for giving me the heads up, Big Corporations!

So  Bud is all about horses and dogs getting married, but fuck that shit if gay people are going to ruin the sanctity of that sacred union! I don't know what to think of this one, it's a little odd. Meh, it's Bud.

I'm not sure why a car company would want to tap into the Matrix franchise. It didn't end well and the last time anyone remembered it fondly was 14 years ago. Yeah, this one is a huge miss, but I guess KIA just got the DVDs of this film finally.

I love Muppets. So this ad could do no wrong with me. It's silly and Dr. Teeth is in it, which is a muppet version of Dr. John. So yeah, that ad was great even though I don't want a Toyota.

Here's another car ad

Then there's a puppy version of it...

Well played car max. Well played.

Oh John Stamos, smooth move

I better start trying that.

But here's Jaguar showing us that British people are clearly the enemy.

 Apparently bears like yogurt


This ad is a complete pussy

This is your typical Coke bullshit.

Apparently football players have to get side jobs as lawn mowers. Terrible unions, I'd say.

What the hell is this ad all about?

You have a big bang nerd picking up on a chick and getting a Jew rambling in the back seat while Jeff Bridges makes some money on voice over work.

But then again, the man likes that pay check...

Maybe the son wasn't meant to stay alive...

In this one, I would say that there's far too much roids per tv square inch.

Then there's this New Castle stuff... Which was great

So yeah, there's a slew of ads already shown so why should we care? At least Spider-man is saving something for the big game

But to men, I'm most looking forward to some new Captain America footage.

Fuuuuuuuuck yeah.

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