Friday, February 14, 2014

The Best Gift for Valentine's Day is Preparation For The Future

The Best Gift for Valentine's Day is Preparation For The Future

About this time of year I'll either bitch about the commercialization and material display of "love" either that or I'll take pity on the whole thing and just post odd and funny valentine's cards. Which seems like a little kids school tradition that should have been kept around a bit more as it is a nice gesture for everyone to feel like the other kids like them.

In any case, today I bring you a much different ad. A much different take on securing the future for your loved one.

Having just gone through a death in the family, I sort of can relate to having to deal with putting affairs in order and the mess that is the funeral arrangements. While my father had his funeral arrangements just about completed, it was still a huge mess and a very costly bundle of money to even open and close the mausoleum as well as the police escorts and well, yeah, it was a mess even when organized.

Add in that a lot of funeral directors are worse than lawyers when it comes to playing on your weakest time - when a loved one just passes, and try to squeeze you for all the money you have.

So you know what, yeah, it's securing your future and offering the loved one a chance NOT to deal with that. I'd go on to say that you should be buying your own funeral arrangements for yourself as a Valentine's day gift to your loved one. They may not think it's as romantic as a diamond ring, but come time to put you in the cold cold ground, they'll thank you for the pain and suffering you'll be able to avoid as you're grieving the loss of a loved one.

That is if they even plan to be with you to the end. 

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