Tuesday, July 8, 2014

It's Summer Time - You Should Go To Vegas

It's Summer Time - You Should Go To Vegas

For some reason every Summer I want to go to Vegas. Which makes no fucking sense considering that Los Angeles is already hot enough during this time of year. Why would a reasonable sound mind want to go to an even hotter place? I have no idea, but marketing like this just draws me into that land of false promises and crushed dreams... I mean, Vegas, not L.A. even though L.A. is so totally that as well.

But Vegas is fun in its own right. That is if you skip the strip and clubs.. also the strip clubs and forget trying to win in Veags. That shit just isn't happening and you should come to terms with that. But what the sin city has going on is a lot of side things you can enjoy.

The Pinball Museum, for example, is a great place to toss a few bucks away in quarter form and enjoy a lot of nostalgia.

You have great food that isn't in buffets. From Gordon Ramsay's burger joint to a slew of side places to eat. The place is littered with tons of spots from the East Coast that only show up west of the mississippi in Vegas. This is your chance to get your fill. 

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