Saturday, November 1, 2014

It's A Dead Man's Party

It's A Dead Man's Party

Who could ask for more? Everybody's coming leave your body and soul at the door...

Yeah, tomorrow is my most sacred Holiday of Dia De Los Muertos. Or to you gringos, that Spanish dead person Christmas. I love it. A day to honor and pay tribute to the dead. The folklore is that they rise for one day and walk among the living. So leaving their favorite food near their grave site is a must.

On this, the first time I celebrate my father, it's sort of an important thing to me. I would have liked to have done an alter for him at Hollywood Forever, but that's in the cards for another year when I can properly prepare for it.

So for all those you have lost recently... or whenever, really. Just know that today is a Dead Man's Party.

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