Friday, November 21, 2014

McRib Time

McRib Time

So for some reason, the Mythbusters dude sold his soul to the corporate giant McDonalds and is doing these videos...

It seems that he really became too polite and rib bros with the mythbuster guy. because he failed to get to the real questions about ingredients of the bun or the sauce or pickles. all those have dextrose. and it's high up there on the list, combined it must be a ridiculously unhealthy amount. not to mention the corn starch and HFCS as well as soy additives. These ingredients are highly processed and you can tell the moment you bite into a McRib that it's what you're eating. 

No matter what, this food will make you obese. Even more so than just regular over consumption of eating unhealthy.  The MSG hidden under the spices, more sugar in the sauce and sodium benzoate, calcium chloride and potassium sorbate, to name a few, just make this scream that it's not as good as just going out and BBQing yourself.

I mean, let's just also throw it out there, pork shoulder is not a fucking Rib, so why the hell are they calling this that?

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