Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine’s Cards Part 1

Valentine's Cards Part 1

I'm sure you remember those days back in your early school years. Come February 14th you had your paper bag stapled to the front of your desk and you damn sure hoped that little Carmen two rows next to you was gearing up to give you that oh so sweet paper and card showing you that you're her one true love? The reality is that the constant physical attention you paid her and verbal abuse method of attracting her attention didn't actually help in landing that sweet Valentine's Card. In fact, none of those cards you could buy over the counter were anything near romantic. But you have to admit they were fun. They related to what was hip and happening at the time. All filled with cliches and puns that would make anyone sick these days. The chalky terrible candy hearts with messages on them were something you looked forward to cause shit, it was candy. I was walking the local Valentine's section to see what today's youth were giving out in terms of cards and I was a little surprised.

They didn't go far enough. Besides, if you're going to do Dino's, you might as well go the full distance with it. So I present to you some of the more comical sides of Dino Valentine's day cards that should be showing up. Part 1 cause, you guessed it, there will be a second side to this tomorrow.

We start with a classic play on words!

Dino's, She'll pretty much have to..

Awwww, how cwute

Fuck you, I love the Simpsons and everyone will know it!

Nothing is better than the truth this Valentine's day!

Bringing together the great things in life. Jeff Goldblum and Love.

Cause really, the only thing I think about when I think Dino's is Jurassic Park...

You think I'm kidding? I shit you not. Fuck you Spielberg.

This will get you laid. Even if you're a 5th grader. Trust me fellas.

And thus ends Part 1. If you don't think Lizards are sexy or any method of making your significant other happy this Corporate Holiday, stay tune for Part 2 for some Film related Valentine's Cards

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