Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's Cards Part 2

Valentine's Cards Part 2

Baby, you know you couldn't keep me away for so long. You knew you were going to come back to me. Just face the fact, you like it. Sure you have to lie about those black eyes, but it's worth it. Oh wait.. you're just back for your stuff? Guess I over estimated myself. Oh, you just want to see the second part of stupid Valentine's day cards! I'll take what I can get, baby!

The last time it was just Dino's. And let me tell you, people get over those large lizards after the 3rd grade. So let's focus on Pop culture that will actually get you somewhere.

We're starting now, so get your ticket ready.

No time for love, Doctor Jones!


Getting any idea on what film series I like?


Oh how I love this line.Though "So do you!" doesn't follow it so well.

Again, I love the Simpsons.

If you know this Indy game... Well then would YOU be my Valentine?

Forget the Penis Mightier, Umbrela's seem to bet planes for some reason!

The Obi Wan Cafe has never been the same after that one night.

History is great for comedy!

I see ABC has actually taken notice and is offering Valentine's Cards of their creations likeLOST and GREY'S ANATOMY. While Grey's would more than likely get you laid, here's some Lost ones that will only lead to more questions.

Let me get your digits, babe.

But you becareful because of the Locke... HA! Get it.... no? damn

Enough of being LOST, let's go BACK... TO THE FUTURE!

Yeah, and one day America will vote for a black President

Awww, you see. Now this just goes too far and in poor taste.. and yet funny. Oh so funny.

And now we know how Lucas thought it up.

You impact my heart at 88 mph's, baby!

Sure it's no Rick Roll, but it'll do.

Ok, I have to end it with another Indiana Jones one. Simply because I can't close my eyes on this one...

And I'm sure these will help you with your VD. Wait, that sounds odd. Enjoy the Hallmark Holiday.

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