Friday, April 12, 2019



Universal is finally embracing the dark side of the Harry Potter Universe. In which Universal Hollywood is finally getting some deatheaters out and about to scare up the crowd of Hogsmeade. A practice that J.K. hasn't wanted to do with the theme parks as she has taken it that Hogwarts not be apart of Horror Nights in the Halloween season.

The closets we have gotten was Universal Tokyo having a bit of fun with deatheaters. But now Universal Hollywood has a Dark Arts projected show and, well, I'm looking forward to it. The preview event was last night and today and, well, I had my fill of Butterbeer in all its glory. The darklord has been kind to me in such fashion. Here's my liquor goblet, just fill it up, yo.

Anyhow, I didn't feel like writing much today, on account that this weekend will be hell-a busy with Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and Dapper Day, so just enjoy this.

Darklord funk you up, indeed.

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