Thursday, April 11, 2019



Gonna go out on left field and say that this is probably a bad idea. The famous Egyptian theater in Hollywood is the latest target that Netflix wants to own. And I guess it's because they have been dealing with a situation that if the Hollywood Guild has their way, movies that AREN'T in theaters aren't going to be allowed the privilege of getting awards glory. So you buy the theater and you can check that shit off your list as you do a limited couple of nights screening of your film at this theater and there you go.

So what's all the bad that could happen from this? Let's go back a way. Studios owning theaters was probably one of the most clearest examples of vertical intergration, that is to say, a cautionary tale in the whole monopoly aspect of this field. We literally have done this before and it was complete shit and why the fuck would we dare do it again?

So I see Netflix owning a theater as something that can completely go fuck itself with their in home-made content. I want a streaming service to do one fucking thing and that one thing is only to stream as much of the existing content to me it owns as possible in my home. I wish they'd work on that core aspect of the whole thing. If they have a show, have all the seasons of that show for me to tackle whenever the fuck I want. I wish they'd work on the core

I guess they just want to show that they have "Respect" for old school cinema, but this is not the hill that they should try to die on because fuck you, it's a historic theater.

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