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Okay, I guess I have to just talk about it because, holy fuck.... what the hell?  I'm really impressed. Completely impressed in fact. Like, you thought the complaints were going to be hitting rock bottom last episode, don't you worry, hold GoT's beere.

It's seriously impressive that Dany went from "I'm kind of irritated at some of these Northerners question my royalty" to "BURN THEM FUCKING DOWN!"  in, like, a couple of episodes. Again, I'm sure this is probably where the story was going to go from the get go, because that's so very G.R.R. Martin, but it took her father years to go from normal to total mass murdering maniac and he didn't even burn down the fucking city like tht. The crazy bitch burned down a city of a million people while her own army was still inside of it.

Can we also ask hot the hell there's still any Dothraki? We really haven't gotten any no sense of scale for these battles, the armies involved, the losses and all that shit. The night king battle looked like it wiped the fucking floor with all of them.

Also, the whole after the episode is also hilariously bad. Listening to the two fools try to ham fit explain why the fucked this all up is really comical. "See, when Dany says let it be fear, that means she is going to do something unpleasant... you see, foreshadowed!"  I'm pretty sure that they thought the white horse scene after all the carnage was really deep and artistic. I read somewhere that the show runners were offered 10 episodes by HBO or the season, but they said "Nah, we can wrap it up in 6" and here we afre.

It's pretty clear that Rhaegal was killed off so moronically for budget reasons alone. Drogon vs Ships could have been a good scene, but the writing that set it all up made it so fucking cheesy and stupid instead of triumphant.

It should have been Viserion and Rhaegel battling each other to the death in the battle with the Night King, so that when Dany came down to Kings Landing, she would have already been on her last dragon, instead they pissed away one dragon to show how bad ass and scary those scorpion bows were when in reality they weren't so bad and just sort of got glossed over anyway because who the fuck cares anymore.

Ultimately my biggest problem with this season isn't with any of the plot elements present to us. All of those actually make a lot of sense and I'm comfortable with them in itself. The Mad Queen emerging, the Night King being killed by Arya, Euron fighting Jaime in the lamest battle for some love situation. That's all fine and dandy.

It's a fucking issue in all this stuff is that how we have gotten from Point A to point B has made NO Goddamn sense what-so-ever. This has been a rush job of the highest order on every possible plot point and level. Logic has flown out the window and it's not coming back. They just are arranging plot events in a row and then forcing them together without the proper setup to get you there.

I love how they took Cersei to the levels of being a monster that was needing a good death or revenge for all the actions she has done over the past 8 seasons, to just dropping some fucking bricks on her where no-one can see her as the punishment to this crime.

By the way, thanks for the heads up about all this shit, Bran. 

If this show doesn't want to get serious with this story telling, why should I? I think it's safe to say that we can all agree that the peasants got what they bloody well deserved.  If you didn't want to be burned by a fucking dragon then you would have voted for someone different than Cersi, am I right? You have only yourself to blame for your socioeconomically situation in Kings Landing

You also have to wonder if Jon simply lied to Dany and said he'd want to keep getting down with the get down, would she have gone and burned everything to the ground because she still has his love? Sure, an awkward time to bring that up when you just roasted one of your high council members, that can effect a man's sex drive greatly, but still, this is something I simply wonder.

On a final note - I'm wondering about all the people who literally did their best to make Daenerys into a moral Princess Leia, breaker of chains and all that jazz. So much so that Daenerys was a popular name in the realm of parents choice of a name for their child. I wonder if now that she committed white genocide, if it's going to get awkward cosplaying her at conventions.  Especially since she just finished turning the folks of Kings landing into a BBQ... All those mothers and children burned to char. Not to mention that it was all done on Mother's day.

But hey, she lost everything. The North will never love her, they killed her dragon, they killed her slave translator, and then both Jon and her Hand betrayed her through the lens of her mentality. Adding insult to injury, Jon refused to fuck her.... and the only thing remaining for her was that "mercy towards future generations, who will never again be held hostage by a tyrant."   Yeah... it's no wonder she snapped.

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