Thursday, May 16, 2019



Apparently on May 30th, the CBS All Access or whatever the fuck it's called, will have all the latest season's Twilight Zone episodes in.. get this... Black and fucking white.

Yeah, because that's what it was. That was why this show suffered so much of shitty writing and shitty premise and goddamn shitty execution. because it wasn't in black and fucking white.

Get the fuck out of here. At this point I'm pretty confident many of the writers have never seen most of the Twilight Zone original show and wrote most of the episodes off a mind-map that included the words "morals, politics" "sci-fi fantasy" and "scary"

Because I absolutely can't believe that they would do a remake of Twilight Zone without realizing that the writers are the most important aspect to the show and needs to be actually fucking A game level in the whole thing. When they said they were remaking the Twilight Zone with Jordan Peele, I assumed Peele would be writing most of the episodes or at least having head creative on it like Rod Serling did. As far as I can tell, he only partially wrote Nightmare at 30k and that is it. I mean, what the fucking shit? How much more interesting would it have been if the kid could manipulate minds and basically brought everyone under his spell.But JohnCho is trying to prevent the worst of his impulses? I just can't believe they think "It's trump, but he's a little kid? Do you get it? HUH, HUH? WELL, DO YOU?" is good writing on any level.  And this is from someone who hates Trump. It just wasn't good and so hamfisted in your face that it just was so lame.

Completely seriously though, it has absolutely no thorough understanding of what Twilight Zone was. Which is going to be a point of criticism when you take the name The Twilight Zone and slap it on your brand of "stay woke" dog shit bullshit nonsense.

But yeah, let's see if just making it black and white will change anything on that shitty story telling.

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