Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Get over it already


It's going to sound harsh but it's the truth. If there was ever an example of seeing the need to say get over it, it's now. It may be tough but it's a much needed kick of reality. The FCC came down with a huge fine against ABC for some ass shot in NYPD that aired four years ago.

FCC Fines ABC $1.4 Million for butt shot

FCC fines ABC $1.4M for buttocks scene

It's been a long time coming, but on Friday the FCC finally said that it intends to fine ABC and some of its affiliates $1.4 million for bun-baring. The offending buttocks appeared in an episode of "NYPD Blue" that aired back in February 2003. The episode depicted a young kid accidentally walking in on a nude woman who was about to take a shower. The footage shows the naked woman from the side and the back, which the FCC has decided falls foul of indecency regulations because it depicts a sexual organ – i.e., an adult woman's buttocks, according to the FCC decision. As such the footage shouldn't have been shown between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. This episode of the since-canceled show aired at 9 p.m. in the Central and Mountain time zones. The regulator proposes that 52 affiliates and ABC owned stations should each fork out $27,500 in fines. ABC, which plans to appeal, has said that it doesn't believe that the footage violated the regulations. Furthermore all broadcasts of the show carried parental warnings.

Ok, I get it -Wont anyone think of the Children! I'm sure all the Children who were up at 10pm watchng NYPD would have more questions about life, death and the exposure of Andy Sipowicz constant ass that seeing a chicks ass on NYPD Blue is as rare as seeing CSI not remind you that it's located in Vegas every few minutes. That and CSI has tons of nude bodies. All of which are dead.

My only concern is that this may mean NYPD Blue gets canceled... oh wait, it's been off the air for years now. I'm sure that any child whos mind was visual raped by the image of some females ass is now old enough to have taken part of stranger shit than what you would ever see on TV. Really FCC, what's the point of all those millions tossed into the Ratings system and mandating that every new television set include the V-Chip if you were going to unleash these stupid fees years later.

Back in 2003 NYPD Blue wasn't doing great ratings. So the chances that folks actually saw this was small. Now that the FCC makes a big stink out of it you can rest assure that every 13 year old is going to go on Youtube and find it today.

I think the only funny thing about all this is that we'll have to hear an explanation as to how the ass is being considered a sexual organ. Little Johnny all this time just assumed that it was for pooping. Much like the Clinton blow job. Kids seem to learn more about sex from the news than from seeing it first hand.

This is one that I may come off as insensitive about, especially since that's what Fox News claim in the story, but it's the truth. I'm sure that if I was in some Texas bar and said this I'd be shot dead as a terrorist, but the topic is something we need to get over already. 9/11. Yeah, that's right, I said it. If this is my last entry, please send all my belongings care of Jihad Javier at Guantanamo Bay.


Matt Reeves' "Cloverfield," produced by J.J. Abrams of "Lost" and "Alias" fame, is an 84-minute rollercoaster ride of a monster movie that should be a big hit.

But Cloverfield also inadvertently disses New York for what happened on Sept. 11, 2001, by re-enacting scenes of buildings exploding and massive clouds of debris for fun and profit.

Does no one recall what was said following the World Trade Center disasters? There was such sensitivity about the huge human losses that images of the Twin Towers were erased from movie posters and excised from films.

Yet six years later, the "Cloverfield" gang is cool enough with it to show New York being pulverized. Very quickly and without warning, downtown New York is destroyed. The first bit of damage is depicted by a World Trade Center-like structure exploding and collapsing downward, sending off a cloud not unlike those my friends ran from that day.

Here we are six years later and we're still playing this card? A building exploding should not just flash back you to 9/11. Die Hard and other action films have been abusing explosions long before and long after 9/11.

Why limit our ability to tell stories or to create new ones based on our past? The original Godzilla was a cultural response to a major national trauma in Japan. Getting the shit nuked out of. As well as the fear and uncertainty of this new power. Cloverfield is exactly the same thing. You have a culture growing up on videos from total strangers with the rise of Youtube. Do some of the scenes in Cloverfield have a sort of reaction that those who were around ground zero? Yeah, but that's not a bad thing and it's not Cloverfield making fun of that situation. If anything, it's putting you right there during a situation that you know nothing about and how the characters are dealing with it.

Most of all, if we can't reflect and learn from our past then we're no better than your modern emo band. 9/11 was tragic, but playing insensitivity card is too much. Why can't we be more like Japan? Instead of being whinny pussies about the situation they better themselves with technology years ahead of us and strange game shows.

Besides, it's not like Cloverfield was marketed as a 9/11 "ripped from the headlines" event. There has already been many September 11th movies themselves. Our Government sure likes to play the Never Forget card every time they want to approve more money to fight this war on terror. How about you just enjoy Cloverfield for what it is instead of dragging it in the mud with any notion that it's trying to do something to the image of the tragic day? Perhaps "Get over it" is a little harsh. The point still stands that we should be a bit more thick skinned about it. The only way to grow is to look to our past and not let it hold us back from becoming better.

1-18-08 Never Forget.

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