Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Daft Playlist

Daft Playlist

Over the internet there was a lot of unsettling remarks about Daft Punk's newest album upon its release. Mainly due to not digging the sort of 70's jazz/electronic sound, but I have to believe that it was simply a matter that the play list for the album was a little off. It started out way too chill. And while it wasn't something you could pop in, jump on the dance floor and get groovy to, it did have a lot of great songs and if you simply play around with the order you play it, oh man how it makes a lot of difference in how it is taken in.

I present you the track layout that I find most benefits this album;

Get Lucky
Give Life Back To Music (minus first 17 seconds)
Fragments of Time (the weakest track IMO)
Giorgio By Morodor
Lose Yourself To Dance
Instant Crush
The Game of Love
Doin It Right

 Try playing it in that order and you'll be blown away.

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