Thursday, May 30, 2013

It Has Been Zero Days since DC has Done Something Stupid

It Has Been Zero Days since DC has Done Something Stupid

I use to really enjoy reading DC comics. They were fun. They reminded me of a time when I was a kid and life was simple and superheroes were, you know, super. They did good things and stopped bad guys. It was different than what Marvel was doing. Which is nice in its own regard. What with the whole tying current events such as racial violence together with mutant kind and what not.

Recently DC has been going the darker route. I say recently, but it has seriously been a good decade now in that they have just said fuck it and went hard core on it. Killing Ted Kord in Countdown to whatever Crisis was going on. Just yesterday DC continued the death march in a very stupid fashion by killing a pretty popular character out of fucking left field.

What the fuck was that? And in the same fashion as Ted Kord. What a fucking despicable company DC has turned into. Just killing off Catwoman in such a throw away manner. I mean, doesn't she still have her own comic book? Oh, fuck it. I'm sure they'll explain it away that the New 52 Catwoman actually has 9 lives like that bad Batman movie.

Well, with this action a lot of people were saying that this is essentially Fridging Catwoman. A term used to describe how most comic books treat their female characters as nothing more than an object to be toyed with and killed off to get a rise out of our hero. It first came about when Green Lantern Kyle Rayner's girlfriend was killed by a villain and put into a fridge. She served no purpose but to fuck with the hero.

In this instance, she's totally getting Ted Korded far more than she is getting Fridged. Let me explain. Ted Kord was the Blue Beetle and in a run up to a massive cross over event, Ted Kord was shot in the head in the same exact manner as Selina Kyle here. Their death is to serve as nothing more than to show that shit is getting real with this upcoming event.

How the fuck can any company even do this to their characters - let alone their strong female character like Catwoman;

But even if she's not dead and this is a fake out - which clearly has to be the case since she has her own book and her annual did start off a new story, that just highlights this and makes it even worse and more stupid. Why even do this in the first place if it isn't going to stick. You simply diminish the whole act of character deaths by this action. Imagine if Game of Thrones just retconned the dead back to life without any issue or repercussion.

Having her killed and then immediately making it a fake out is just terrible in itself. Why yes, murder a woman, bring her back asap. Who gives a shit, right? Buy more comics and watch out big blue boy scout in theaters in June!

Yeah, I don't think Catwoman is going to stay dead but "here is a horrible brutal image of her bound and tied and then shot in the head, you better believe we're going to pretend she's dead and milk this until the inevitable reveal she's alive" is not really fundamentally different at this point. At best they're trying to get all the emotional investment/uncomfortable imagery without any of the long-term ramifications.

Just look at these death poses. It's not that they killed her off, it's her face is all wide-eyed and her lips pouting. In fact she mentioned to Ivo that he couldn't kill her because he would have Batman to deal with and his reaction is that's what he wanted - then blam! I get that the bad guys are bad guys, but those are really distressing panels there and probably shouldn't be drawn for a comic book reading audience.

It's also pretty comical that you know a major death of a comic book character isn't going to stick because it wasn't leaked out to the media like every other major super hero death has been in the past year or two. In fact, why do they even do that anymore. Comic book characters dying just seem trivial at best. We all know that they're not going to stick and when someone dies and you waste a book on their funeral, the characters themselves mourning are even saying that they fully expect the fallen hero to come back relatively soon.

So why even bother killing off characters in such a manner anymore? Just don't do it. To you DC, I simply say this;

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