Thursday, December 19, 2013

Chowing Too Much Bacon Can Fry Your Eggs

Chowing Too Much Bacon Can Fry Your Eggs

I guess the next time you're fumbling around with your new dance partner in the bedroom and you're wondering if you got your jimmy hat or not, perhaps you should think to yourself "Did I eat some bacon this morning?" If so, perhaps you have nothing to worry about in not slipping a condom on.

Not that I'm condoning sex without a condom, that is, but in a study by Harvard University, it found that men who consume a regular portion of bacon or a small amount of sausage daily are at risk of harming their sperm quality. The same study also found that to improve sperm, men should eat fish like cod or halibut. 

The study was presented a couple of weeks back at a meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine in Boston. And it compared the eating habits of 156 men going through in vitro fertilization treatments with their partners. According to the study, Men who consumed just half a portion of processed meat a day had just 5.5 percent normal shaped sperm cells. That was compared to 7.2% of those who ate less. Men who had dishes containing white fish at least every other day - or half a portion daily - had far better sperm quality than those who ate it rarely.

The basic sum up was that processed meat was bad and fish was good.

It should be noted that before you give up all your beef jerky, the chairman of the British Fertility Society, Dr. Allan Pacey, noted that
"The relationship between diet and men’s fertility is an interesting one and there is certainly now convincing evidence that men who eat more fresh fruit and vegetables have better sperm than men who don’t," he said. "However, less is known about the fertility of men with poor diets and whether specific foods can be linked to poor sperm quality.
"In this instance, the authors link men’s intake of processed meat with the size and shape of their sperm. This may be a real effect, but the study is small and we know that accurately measuring sperm size and shape in the laboratory is fraught with error.
"However, it is already known that high intake of processed meat is linked to other health issues and so advising men to limit their intake of processed food may improve their health generally as well as possibly be good for their fertility."
So hey, there's another reason to hate Boston,. As if their sports fans weren't fucking pricks enough as it was. Now their scientist are also taking a massive dump on the things you love.

But to be honest, it should come as no surprise. I mean, bacon makes even the best of us a little lazy. Those sperms are just too busy thinking about where they'll get more bacon fat - since it's addicting, and less time worrying about some stupid mission to get the egg. Why bother, there's no bacon there!

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