Sunday, December 8, 2013

Living Life A Quarter Mile at a Time

Living Life A Quarter Mile at a Time 

You know, I've made just about every Paul Walker joke I could come up with. It's really tragic what happened to him. I mean, it made for great material. It's not every day that an actor dies at the very hands of what made him... you know, famous. If he died in a plane crash it would be different. But with him dying due to a car crash while his buddy was simply practicing his Tokyo drifting, well then, that's a comedian's wet dream.

But you know what, I have much respect for the actor and for the franchise. As much shit as people talk about it, the whole franchise really did kick off something huge way back when and made street racing, an otherwise underground sort of thing, into a huge deal. Not to mention that it's really impressive that a movie made for that little made that much. 

While I didn't know him at the time, I realize that my half brother was really influenced by the films. At least that's what I recall when I saw a lot of after market race car gear with my pops. And later when I finally met him, the dude really really REALLY reminded me of Paul Walker's character in the film. Especially his looks. Man, that's got to be one of those most influential flicks for him.

In any case, after plowing through the franchise earlier this year, I'm a bit saddened by this whole thing. And, you know, the loss of human life and all that jazz. In any case, here's a little tribute music video

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