Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Hang Over

The Hang Over

Let's be real here - It's the Holiday season and that means that heavy amounts of drinking will be happening very soon. So the problem with that is that you're going to have to deal with the lingering effects the next morning.

To better understand what exactly you're trying to cure, you need to know what exactly is happening to your body other than a marching band is stomping on your head and that decision to take another two rounds of shots.... was probably the wrong one.


You're probably wondering why your head feels so fucked up. Well, the real answer is that you're fucking dehydrated. The excess alcohol really fucked over your vasopressin production. It's a hormone that controls fluid balance. Meaning it told your bladder to dump all the water it had. Which does explain why you were going to the bathroom, like, 20 times in an hour after a you started drinking.

What this means is that you got to get a lot of catching up to do in the drinking water department. Or drink some coconut water. It's the latest trend. But anyway you can, you need to get hydrated. What is happening is that your brain lost a lot of water in the great dumping of fluids. It, in many ways has shrunk down like a sponge that has been ringed out.

And if that's not the case, then it's fucking with your immune system's cytokines. It's a chemical messenger system that triggers acute inflammation in your head. Ibuprofen may help, but then again, do you really want to put something in your system that will put strain on your already strained kidney?

Another reason why your head can be hurting is because you were drinking the liquors that come from the barrel. Vodka and other clear spirits are a lot easier on your head. the darker the liquors, the harder they are as they contain more congeners, which are chemicals that exacerbate hangovers.


Let's be frank. Your liver can only handle a certain workload before it's just too beat up. On average it could handle and process one drink per hour. So when you were throwing back those shots last night, you really fucked it over and dumped an extra workload on it. Painkillers could really put more strain on it -- more than it already has.


I don't know about you, but for me, I can never ever really handle food the next morning that is anything dense. Menudo.. most def. But anything solid is just going to come right back up. If you're anything like me it's because those mixed drinks and spiked drinks really fucked over your inner stomach lining. Making it super sensitive and irritated. Just take it easy on it in the early parts as it recovers.

On the flip side, all that nausea that you're feeling could actually be a sign that you're going through withdrawals on the sauce. Yeah, it's true. like most drugs, alcohol, when consumed like you did last night and like a person on a mission of self destruction, triggers a "give me more!" sort of symptoms once it's out of your system. This also accounts for feeling shakey, sweating and anxiety.


You're fucking tired. I know that. Alcohol disturbed your brain's normal sleep cycles. So what every sleep you did get, you were probably not getting anything near remotely good amounts of it. You may as well call the day a wash. You're going to be chilling for a while.

You may as well just relax and ride it out, because this may take a couple of hours to about 24 just to bounce back. But hey, you could be one of the lucky few in the 20% range that doesn't suffer from anything hangover related.

Those lucky bastards.

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