Thursday, December 12, 2013

How Could Liking Chinese Food Sound So Disturbing?

How Could Liking Chinese Food Sound So Disturbing? 

Alison Gold, the latest pedo target from the creators of Jessica Black's Friday music craze came out with yet another video that makes you wonder why parents leave their children with this music producer. Take a look at what could only raise red flags and amber alerts.

I'm not even sure where to start with that. How about the creepy black Mister Rogers who is creeping around the town looking through little girls' windows?

Then you have the course line of this song that takes the alphabet and just does some really raw and nasty shit to it. Lyrics like...
A - Anything you want to have      - Whoa, even Pedo bear is concerned here.
B - Be Comes when you believe   - I think B comes when you tweak their nipples, to be honest.
C - C will come when you take a chance - I don't even want to touch that one. Too much coming
D - When open up the door - yeeeeah, don't open up the door to strangers, kids.

But I guess this was foreshadowing, since the young little blonde girl decides to answer Black Mister Rogers' door knocking and rolling up in what could only be described as a straight up rape van. I mean, there's no sugar coating it. It may as well have FREE CANDY written on the side of that windowless van.

The video then continues as he takes her to a club. I mean, how old is she anyway? But there's one punch bowl in the party and he keeps on slipping unknown mixtures into it. Holy fuck, that's straight up pouring something into the Kool-aid.

I don't think it's that he put some puppet serum into, but that she's tripping balls with what she had to drink of his strange naughty sauce. He then starts rapping as a puppet. I have no clue why an older Asian fella wants to stick his arrow into the little dude, but I guess that explains itself.

Then ending with what is clearly a drug induced state as she's mad hungry for the munchies that she see's her crush as a plate of Chinese food.
I guess to "get" the ending in that she just chomps down on the Egg roll, you'd have to come into this knowing the singers past hit "I Like Chinese Food"  I do say hit very loosely there.

But what does it all mean? Other than they're slowly trying to make pedophilia sort of legal, I guess? I'm not even sure anymore.

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