Friday, January 3, 2014

A Year in Music

A Year in Music 

Well, 2014 is right around the corner.. as in, next week. And since we're all done with Christmas by now, at least I am. God damn, go away, Christmas! I think it's high time we just talk about the year that was - all shittiness that it has been. But at least the music has been... well, has been something to take my mind off how shitty the rest of the year has been.

I usually say that next year will be my year. I mean, 2013 just seemed to be all sorts of unlucky. Maybe an even year will be my good luck. In any case, here's some of the music I was digging.

Capital Cities Safe and Sound

Which could very well just be lumped in with the other hipster music that goes around, isn't that right, The Naked and Famous?

In any case, I dig these sounds as a nice soundscape type of noise. Then you got stuff like this that just makes you shake it out and dance on that dance floor.

And catchy lyrics that seem relevant to the weather right now..

Then back to soundscape awesome sauce

Let's see what 2014 brings. I pray something good.

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