Sunday, January 19, 2014

Your Idea of Beauty Should Be Curbed

Your Idea of Beauty Should Be Curbed

Now that we're two days into the new year and I'm sure most of you have already given up on that New Years Resolution, I want to make you feel a slight bit better about your choice to just say fuck it. I mean, the whole notion of beauty and being in great shape is an illusion.

The standard muscle bound man you see doesn't have practical uses for those muscles. It's all for show and not for actual practice. Then you have the concept of society accepted beauty. The type you see on magazine covers and what not. Yeah, that's not a really healthy goal to aspire to. Especially considering how much touching up is done on your average photo of a model.

So I solute you, good ma'am or sir. For just saying fuck it. I mean, it's one thing to do it for that whole health aspect to it. But don't kill yourself to shoot for goals that are well beyon the reach of anyone without the use of photo shop to begin with.

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