Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Work Bitch, Unless It's Working Out

Work Bitch, Unless It's Working Out

Britney Spears newest single 'Work Bitch' some how gave her a distinctive Madonna-esque English accent, but the most telling thing about the song and video is that, well, that she looks good in it. Just check it out for yourself. Though remember, mute is always an option.

The ironic thing, and the main reason why I would even cover something like this, given that I couldn't give a rats ass about her music or her personally, is that this whole "WORK BITCH" sort of mentality is one of those 'do as I say, not as I do' sorts of things. You see, for as much as Britney telling you to work, bitch, she's not doing much work herself.

Working out, that is.

Apparently the Video FX company that worked on the video did a major amount of work in slimming down the diva. So that smudge tool on photoshop isn't just for covers of Maxim and Cosmo anymore, I'll tell you what!

Hoax Films provided the visual effects for 'Work Bitch,' and according to the website, Sound and Picture, Hoax is padding their resume on this one as they completed sky replacement shots, set extensions and clean up. Many are saying that the raw footage to the final product are vastly different and that the "clean up" included waist-whittling and general slenderizing, pixel by pixel.

So this thanksgiving when you're thinking about getting that second portion of turkey and stuffing, well, perhaps you should go right ahead and do so. I mean, if you're worried about your fattier image in the family videos, just call on Hoax Films. A company that clearly sounds totally legit.

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