Friday, June 29, 2018

A Pawn Star Falls

A Pawn Star Falls

I typically hate Pawn shops. They thrive off the desperation of others in a time of need to sell something in order to make some quick cash. You never see someone walk in to a pawn shop with something if they actually had the time to sell it themselves in a yard sale or, you know, since it's 2018, sell it on Ebay 10 years ago when that was a relevant method to sell something.

It's always when folks are the most hard up and desperate to get some money to make ends meet or to score a quick hit of some addiction they need. Be it drugs, hookers or capitalism.

Anyhow, the old guy from Pawn Stars died this week. So, you know... like.. I don't know, mourn him or something?

 I can give you five dollars for this coffin it's the 
best I can do it's going to sit around for a long time

Nah, I mean, he died doing what he loved - absolutely nothing. 

He owned a pawn shop.. A damp as fuck one, at that. In fucking Vegas. That's like shooting fish in a barrel in terms of suckering people out of money in a town that thrives off human misery and addiction. He would always undercut and undervalue everything. He really was a piece of human garbage.

It's kind of funny that they would always immediately ask "Okay, so what would you REALLY take for it?", as if the low ball amount they were going to offer them wasn't just going to go back and forth. But it always caused people to drop their asking price by about half.

At least we can rest easy knowing that he's ripping people off in heaven now. He's gotta make a profit on this sale, you know. You can't blame the guy for being a piece of shit. More to the point, I also never understood why people go on the show. Especially when every single sale in every single episode has them giving people a pittance of what the actual item is worth by the admission of specialist in their respected fields.

I boggled the mind when historically significant items were just sold off with ease by that average Joe walking in trying to dump off that family passed down item.Why the hell would you go to these assholes instead of going to an actual historic collector? Naw dawg, let's forget that and just go with the pawn system. That seems legit. I guess the answer to that is that everyone in Vegas is just simply chasing a high.

Pawn Stars hit the market in the way it would appeal to a lot o viewers.  By showing someone really in need do low shit for money. Though, the family friendly version we saw wasn't what the original pitch for this shit was. It seemed pretty dark in its original pitched idea for the show. 

 Though, let's be fair, that show seemed to capture what Pawn Stars was actually like. The store was a musty damp claptrap just like any other pawn shop. And yet there is always lines to get in 24 hours a day simply because of the stupid show. The guys in the show aren't even there when they aren't filming. So I guess they took the idea of giving you shit for your priceless items and used it to take your time and return it with shit entertainment.

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