Saturday, June 23, 2018

Let's NOT Do The Time Wrap Again

Let's NOT Do The Time Wrap Again

It's just a jump to the left... and then a step to the NOPPPPPPEEE!

I know we're no where near it, but daylight Saving Time is an event that happens twice a year that you never really fully understood why it happened, and you really hated that it happened anyway. Yet here we are doing it anyhow.

Well, potentially not anymore, California.  AB 807 repeals the state's 1949 Daylight Saving Time act and allows lawmakers to pass a new law making Daylight Saving Time a year-round thing. Well, if the voters agree and vote for it, of course. But even once that happens, it'll take an act of Congress to make DST a permanent thing in California.

The whole bill asks voters whether California should end the whole time jumping practice of setting the clocks forward an hour in March and then back an hour in November. It would just require Jerry Brown to sign it before June 28th and then it would appear in the November ballot. If he doesn't sign it before then, than we have to wait for the 2020 election to vote on it.

I guess the big thing to ask here and that was answered above is why the fuck do we still practice this ancient ritual of the farmers or whatever the hell we were told. I mean, because if you ask the average joe on the street, they will try to tell you it's for Farmers who need to work with the cycle of the sun and what not.

Well, that's not the case. You see, DST was originally created as a means to conserve energy during World War I. When clearly the greatest generation was out there busting their asses and taking names so we had to conserve where we could here back home. Though a 2008 study by the National Bureau of Economics showed that those energy savings are basically not even a factor anymore and we live in a modern era where that shit just isn't going to cut it.

Then during the Arab oil embargo in the 70's, the nation switched over to Daylight Saving Time in January as a way to attempt those savings. Sunrise came after the start of school day in the midwinter and that fall U.S. returned to standard time. It was a whole mess if you ask me and I'm wondering why we still do it other than habit.

In reality, studies show that when we switch the clocks back and forth twice a year, the number of accidents increase as well as medical conditions like heart attacks. Yes, that's right. People's bodies need more than a shock to the system to get used to being one hour in the past of what they're used to or one hour in the normal where you just lost an hour sleep and are more prone to accidents and car crashes. Sure enough, whenever we lose an hour in Spring, people just lose their shit and it takes about two weeks to get back to somewhat normal function.

So the pro's will be not having to change all the clocks in the house anymore. Though with modern era tech, who the fuck is messing with old stuff like that anyway? The number of car accidents and general productivity in the work place will increase as well. Crime stats will go down, and hey, the chances of heart attacks will somehow go down.

Opponents of the bill have argued that it is simply a waste of time. I mean, sound counter argument, I guess. 

 Fuck 'em. I hate Daylight Saving Time anyway. It never really benefits you either way. When you get an extra hour and 2 o'clock turns to 1 o'clock, the bars still close at that first 2am hour. So it's not even like you get to enjoy that extra hour anyway. Then when we spring forward, the whole fact you lost an hour makes everything, and I mean everything just drag ass for a good while as you curse the fucking Easter Bunny for stealing your hour of sleep you damn right deserved.

I, for one, hope this shit passes. It's due time we catch up with the brain heads like folks in Arizona who stopped bothering with this stupid spring forward, fall back bullshit a long time ago. 

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