Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Doing The Humane Thing With Imaginary Lines

Doing The Humane Thing With Imaginary Lines

I walked away from writing in this blog because the news of the day was just getting to bleak, I questioned my own writing abilities to meet my standards because of essentially rejection to it. But I mean, wow. this past year and a half have been some of the worst situations I have seen in my adult life. It needs not be said that the Trump administration is stomping on everything that was once sort of okay about this nation.

As jaded as I was in even the Obama's Hope and Change administration, I'm down right sickened by what is happening now and can barely stomach listening to NPR stations cover it with this air of "this is what the normal news cycle is now". I can't deal with it.

Today Trump bravely saved us from some 60 year old policy of stripping immigrants of their children. A practice that wasn't really happening till a few weeks ago. We should all stand up and cheer this man for doing what no other president could do. Stop the cruel acts that he kicked off.

Really, it's the perfect thing. Act like a complete shit and then get credit for when you stop acting like that.. but still act like a shit.

Side note.. I know I'm not one to talk shit about piss poor grammar and errors. I mean, have you've seen any of the thousands of pieces of shit articles I have written here?  Yeah, but you couldn't spell Separate right? WTF.

What the Trump administration did was like if your neighbor suddenly decided to throw rocks at your door nonstop and when you notice this odd action of a fucking moron, told them to stop and that it wasn't right. Which they respond with  "Wish I could, bro, but it's in the HOA manual.". When pointing out that no such thing exist and they're just being a cunt of a neighbor, they continue to throw those rocks but then write in a law into the HOA manual stating that no one should throw rocks at doors again and wants you to thank them for doing something about this terrible action they decided to start for no good reason at all.

Only there is good reason as to why they went full stupid in this action. It's clearly something that comes from the mentality of the ART OF THE DEAL. Shoot big, then when big doesn't work, settle for something small, but equally stupid.

Yeah, families will no longer be separated at the boarder, but that doesn't change the fact that, you know, they'll still be imprisoned indefinitely and in camps.... for the simple act of walking across an imaginary line between parcels of land.

Ultimately they over promised god awful human rights violations and now we're only left thinking we got some victory with some minor human rights violations. We walk away thinking that we... got something?  Yeah. That's basically par the course with this new American standard and it's pretty fucking sad.

Next question one should ask before waving the "WE GOT'EM! HE RELENTED!" banner is what happens to the 2,000 children already separated from their parents and out in the wasteland of limbo of the system. If it's anything like the lost ticket I had to deal with for six months, I can't imagine how fucked this situation will be in courts in just reunification. How the fuck are we suppose to think that the process of reuniting the children to their parents will be easy or even cheap.

We complain about how much illegals are costing us in terms of tax dollars. But this whole dick swinging act and over playing of the hand to get a still shitty deal just means that we spent a lot of money that could have gone back towards the struggling Americans with social programs... or shit, if we weren't complete pieces of trash, actually accept those fleeing persecution. You know, like what the statue of liberty as inscribed in it.
Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free

Guess that shit doesn't matter because "My family came here the legal way!!1" chant coming from the local Walmart patron. I mean, "illegal" immigration is less than a century old. So congrats, you got in because of the work of your grandparents or their grandparents who just strolled right in - even though if they were to do so now, they would more likely not have met the standards and would have been turned away.

I just can't believe this is the America we are living in now. It's profoundly sad to think and makes me long to slap the jaded self of the past and tell him that it can and will get worse and to enjoy those moments as much as I can. Because... shit.  This is not the America that will prosper. This is not the America that will be seen in any favorable light to the outside world and will only bring us down.

I don't even know how this update to the Executive Order helps anything out anyway. In the end we're just detaining people seeking a better life. We should embrace those seeking help like, you know, the good ol' religious nation we all claim to be. I'm not even religious and I support helping out our fellow man in pursing that dream of happiness. 

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