Thursday, June 21, 2018

Don't Tell Me The Odds -or- I Got A Bad Feeling About This

Don't Tell Me The Odds -or- I Got A Bad Feeling About This

Looks like Disney may have overstretched themselves when it comes to Star Wars stories. The box office take in of SOLO: A Pointless Star Wars Story that told us the gripping tale of how Han Solo got his blaster, his Falcon and his fucking name.... ugh. for god damn sake, why did they have to explain that one?

Was there literally ANYONE who wondered why in a universe that had last names like Skywalker and Organa ever question the legitimacy of the name Solo? That fucking sounds like the most sane name in the damn Star Wars universe.....

In any event, yes, a film that pointless had to bring up topics such as explaining what the Kessel run in 12 parsecs actually meant. Something I was okay with never really knowing much more than it was suppose to be impressive measure of time/distance to do in this Galaxy so far far away.

The problem here is that the movie just didn't really hit the mark. Like Han himself, the moment it tried to punch the hyperdrive into light speed, it gave a lame noise of failure. The film made about 84 Million in the opening weekend and so far has grossed $192 million domestically. Add in the almost $340 million worldwide, it may not have been pretty, but it had it were it counts.... well, not really for the bean counters at Disney.

Rogue One opened at $153 million and had went on to gross around $424 million domestically. So it's not like SOLO was a complete box office failure. It just failed to live up to the expectations of the past Star Wars films for factors that could include being sandwiched between Avengers: Infinity War and Deadpool. The first was a film that had everyone feeling all the feels for a while after and the second was just deadpool. Can't blame that.

Maybe Lucasfilm and Disney shouldn't have put two really big tent poles next to each other to duke it out. Or perhaps, and this one is another explanation. People don't need a new Star Wars film every six months.

For as much as I was entertained by the film for what it was when it wasn't trying to fit in shoehorned answers to shit I didn't know people were asking, Ron Howard did a really amazing job at making a pile of bad intentions get turned in to a film that was alright. Sure, not worth the two hours you're going to plop down for it. But there was large hints of a sort of young Harrison Ford in the mix as well as Lando stealing the show with the magic of Donald Glover.

But more to the point, folks were already not too thrilled with the film anyway given the reaction that many had to the Last Jedi sort of throwing their precious childhood lore into all sorts of strange feels. Many questioned the level of feminist movement in it. I don't know, that was stupid and maybe they just didn't like that the direction that J.J. Abrams was going suddenly got turned on its head and  even Luke didn't act very Luke like.

It was misguided anger and ultimately left a lot of Star Wars folks feel like they were betrayed by a franchise was there for them in their time of loneliness growing up and so they didn't want to support SOLO. So there was a lot of factors in this sort of poor performance. But you also have to realize that Disney and Lucasfilm was pushing this hard because there was a scene in it using Darth Maul, back from the dead and all that shit for the first time in view of many movie on goers. So they did set up for a new sort of "A STAR WARS STORY" saga trilogy to go across many of the future films in the pipe line. One for Obi-wan and one for Boba Fett going deep in to production that is now currently on hold.

Personally, I'd be happy to see a film about Obi-wan, especially if Ewen McGregor was attached, Given that he's currently in the age range of when it would take place as well as he was the best part of the prequel trilogy.  Honestly, don't give a fuck about Boba Fett. My feelings are well known on this blog. He's a worthless piece of shit that so many morons love to worship as some bad ass despite every moment in the films we saw him in proved he was either really lucky at getting whatever he was after or just flat out the worst bounty hunter around. So fuck that guy.

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