Friday, April 5, 2013

A Bit About Home Protection And Guns

A Bit About Home Protection And Guns

Here's a gun ownership fact you should probably be aware of;

- You're 17 times more likely to shoot a family member than a burglar if you keep a gun in your house and home invasions make up less than 2% of all break-ins, which are pretty rare crimes to begin with.

And in actuality, it's less than 2% in reality. That number is skewed because police have redefined interrupted burglary, which is thieves mistakenly assuming nobody is home and are suddenly surprised by the residents, as a 'home invasion', which used to mean someone forcibly entering knowing the resident is home and expecting or starting a gun fight.

The old definition of home invasion got redefined as 'drug or gang related shooting' because, well, that's what causes that. But the machine gets to have it both ways - the pigs lump things together or split them up in whichever way gives them numbers they want. Don't believe all the hype in "home invasions"

Besides, if it's a real "shoot and loot" they will be professionals, there will be a bunch of them, and there will be no defense or escape. You will be dead. But even if "kill the burglar" types understand this at an intuitive level, That's why their fantasy is always ambushing a guy trying to steal their TV and not defending against a surprise assault against a group of ex-black ops soldiers or cartel shock-troops. Which are clearly outfitted with automatic weapons and body armor anyway. So this whole shoot on sight everything that looks vaguely human first and not asking questions later group will still kill you before you know it.

Sure, you may be able to blow away a meth head who thought you weren't home, but there will be no Rambo, there will be no Dirty Harry nor Jason Bourne situation. You will just be going for the ambush. Besides, it's also pretty funny how society will consider a television more valuable than a human being's life depending on where that human is standing. But generally when you bring that up, they claim that it's always about protecting their home and family. Not at all about protecting their things.

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