Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pink's And Huell

Pink's and Huell

Now that I'm one year older, I have to consider my health concerns. And then now that I had a moment to think about that and completely toss that boring shit out the window, I need to go get myself a Pink's Hot Dog. it's one thing I do very soon after my birthday. My late uncle had a theory that you have to eat that sort of junk food every now and then or else one day when you take a bite into one, you'll just croak.

I guess I shouldn't be following the advice of someone who had a heart attack at age 49, but still. It's a solid bit of advice. I mean, the underlying truth of it is that you really only live once, regardless if that stupid internet slogan has ruined such wise words. But you only get one ticket to ride this wild ride called life once. Then it stops. Who knows what happens on the other end of the destination, but instead of sleeping through the entire ride, I'll be looking out the window of this passenger side car and enjoying every bit of it.

So here's a little clip of what Pink's is by the great Huell Howser

Happy Hot Dog eating to you.

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