Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston And Blood

Boston And Blood

Though yesterday's tragedy in Boston happened, I would like to take a moment and not "Pray for Boston", but pray for sanity in America. We don't know who is at fault here. I would think that if some terrorist group was responsible, they would make themselves known and take credit for it. I somehow think that it's another enemy within sort of situation. And no, not some stupid false flag bullshit, but this does scream out crazy person.

Keep the folks in your thoughts, I'd like to believe that we can separate church and state. So no need for prayers. How about action in helping one another. Be if a mentally ill person who is behind this in hoping to prevent future situations like this or just being there for those who have loved ones who were directly effected by this.

Just a note to all people planning on giving blood, remember it only has a shelf life of 42 days. After 9/11, so many people donated that there was a glut of blood in the system and much of it expired on the shelves, unused, because there was more than needed. ALso, if you donate right now, you will not be eligible to donate again for 8 weeks, so about a month after 9/11 there was a bit of a shortage, because many people couldn't donate again for several weeks

Consider delaying your donation for a week or two to insure a good steady flow of blood that will allow blood banks to replenish their inventory. Most blood banks in the United States are part of an emergency sharing system and will be shipping ready to transfuse products to Boston if they are needed. Spacing out donations insures everyone will have blood to provide their community in the coming weeks

Things to think about.

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