Friday, April 19, 2013

Texas Tea Time

Texas Tea Time

Ah, the dream of striking that Texas Tea Beverly Hillbillies gold right in your own back yard. I guess it's not always what its cracked up to be as you can see in the following video..

The first thing that comes to mind is wondering why Jack Black video taped an oil spill. I mean, did he run out of distortion pedals to tape? Anyhow, remind me again why building pipelines is a controversial topic? Yeah, I guess it's just bringing the oil right to you and cutting out the middle man! So who's to complain.... except anything that wants to, you know, survive in this new unlivable mess. 

Maybe the oil companies were just not satisfied with destroying coastal wildlife. Exxon moves on and finds innovative new ways in their sector once again. 

Oh, the beauty of this is that Exxon isn't on the hook to declare this a situation because of the amount of filler shit that is required to pump oil through a pipe. I'm pretty sure that just means that the land is filled with even more deadly fucking chemicals aside from oil.

Yeah, who wanted to live on planet earth in another 20 years anyway? 

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