Monday, June 3, 2013

A Song of Fire and Ice and Your Tears

A Song of Fire and Ice and Your Tears

Last night HBO decided to show its viewers and all those who haven't read the Song of Fire and Ice series Game of Thrones books how exactly it feels to lose what they love. And oh man was it glorious. Emphasis on the Gory aspect.

But the best thing about seeing G.R.R. Martin kick the viewers in the balls like he did the book readers many years ago was the flat out reaction to it. It's as if you could fill a moat with the trail of tears that were spilled for these fictional characters. Here's six minutes of that in its full glory.

At this point I wonder why people expect anything less from the series. Let's be real, this isn't Harry Potter and G.R.R. has expressed that he is not going to do what you would expect happen or anything remotely cliche from a science fiction novel. Meaning, you're sort of fucked when it comes to the heroes coming to the rescue and all that jazz. Besides, they wanted to make the Red Wedding pop. We all know that a Dothraki wedding without at least three deaths is a dull affair. If those horse fuckers need 3 deaths to spice up a wedding, it takes a red wedding to make a Frey's celebration one to party about!

Well, I shouldn't rub salt in the wounds too much more. Here, have some hope in a teaser for next week's season finale episode. Before you have to wait a solid year before you get more tear jerking emotionally shattering moments.

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