Friday, June 14, 2013

Superman may have Slapped a Jap - But Batman worked for the Government

Superman may have Slapped a Jap - But Batman worked for the Government

While Superman may come out today and be the bee's knees that takes over all talk about The Dark Knight Rises, maybe we should take a moment to look at when Batman was slapping Japs in his own right, much like Superman did during World War II.

Take a look at this pre-Adam West Batman mini-serials;

Yeah, you heard that last part. "This was part of a foreign land transplanted to America called China Town. Since a wise government rounded up those shifty eyed Japs"

God fucking damn. I know it was a different era and all and just a product of the time. But then again you don't hear people say things like "those shifty camel fucker towel heads" to describe folks from Iraq. Well, at least not places besides Fox News.

Let's continue with this clearly questionable Batman content.

I had to stop this a few minutes in because they introduced the Japanese ring leader and while I have been offended with white washing Mexican parts, and Black facing is always out of the question... But did they just get some white guy to play Doctor Decker? I mean... Whoa. That was pretty sad that they couldn't find one actual Asian person that wasn't in a prison camp or accused of being an Axis spy.

Nothing says Asian ring leader other than a thick Italian accent bleeding through forced L's and R's being replaced. So let's do part 3.

 Welp, that certainly was... something, alright.

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