Sunday, August 5, 2012

HBO Present - The Olympics

HBO Present - The Olympics

Well, now that the Olympics have been going for a good week and some change, it's time to wonder why there has not been a HBO sex drama about the Olympic Village made already.

I mean, think about it, it's a bunch of young, fit, attractive athletes of various countries interacting and fighting over sports, sex and politics.

How the fuck did this not get picked up already? Get Allan Ball on the phone right. now! Just think about it! It's really an amazing idea that I obviously need to develop it into a story right now so it'll be ready in time for Rio, which is, obviously, way sexier than London. Besides that, there's way more poor indigenous people to have creep in as the evil others and background folks you don't care about.

Clearly it'll center around team USA, I mean, let's be real, HBO wouldn't pick it up otherwise. I'm thinking that the two major leads should be a brother and sister. Both of which some how made it into the Olympics under different sports. Maybe swimming for the sister - no wait, strike that. Beach Volleyball would have the bigger sex appeal.

Well, maybe it could be something strange and cool. Like archery or something that isn't your main stream event that gets a lot of attention. Then you can put the brother as the swimmer and get the whole Michael Phelps angle going there. Their friends need to be into the really off center events. Like, maybe modern pentathlon dude. This way he could be really good at pistol shooting, you know, for when gun stuff happens - and you know that it will with a potential Olympic terrorist attack.

There could be drama from the potential of the sister having a crush on a British athlete that is in direct competition with the brother. That will be nice and juicy stuff right there. New lover vs family blood. Great! Then we can toss in various friends in their respective events that surround them.

And if you make it swimming related, then everyone can be in swimsuits for the majority of the on screen time. You can have a sub arch where the friend gets mixed up trying to procure some undetectable performance enhancing substances from the ethnically terrifying locals - you know, so you can touch on some serious social issues - which means we get to have our lily-white heroes brave the terrifying slums to save the best friend and they can see all the poverty and stuff and maybe a cute lighter skinned boy helps them find the guy so we can see that... truly there is some nobility amongst these savages - Of course the social commentary will be promptly forgotten.

So who wants to help me out and get this green lit? Then again, if Aaron Sorkin has anything to do with it I will fucking gut you like a fish!

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