Friday, August 31, 2012

Republican National Convention

Republican National Convention

So here we are at the end of the week of the Republican National Convention and I have to say, I seriously need some sort of heavy drug to deal with even listening to very little of it. Hell, even that makes me violently ill and causes me to spew up my lunch.

In short, the Republicans are completely full of shit. Monday's stuff got cancelled because of rain. Which was good for me because I forgot all about them. Though it did mean that the Daily Show was just another repeat.

Here's a fun game. Take a drink every time a candidate says an actual good thing about another candidate in order to attack them for not being crazy right-wing enough....

You can also smoke a bowl every time someone implies or outright states Obama was not born in America

Tuesday night showed Ann Romeny jerking off her husband in public. Chris Christie and Rick Santorum. You know, that frothy guy. The highlight in that was Christie starting his 2016 campaign now. "Hey folks, lemme tell you the great deeds I've done massacring teachers and public employees in the great state of Fuckbreath.. Oh yeah, I guess this Willard guy's okay too, Vote for him if you must."

Personally, the masochist in me can't wait for another Ronald Reagan tribute.

During the convention Obama went on Reddit and had a Q/A with them. In response, Mitt Romney held a Q/A on 4Chan. Ron Paul, since not being invited to the convention, holds a Q/A on Something Awful since he likes the cost of entrance.

Last night was Mitt's turn to go up and mysterious guest speaker Clint Eastwood. Remember that superbowl ad about Detroit and car companies he announced and they said he was some democrat sort of pandering to the liberal left? Yeeeeeah. What happened to you, Clint. You used to be cool?

Anyhow, my goodness - Mitt - Fuuuck.

Yup, drunk. They were talking about olympic medals the US won and whoever the fuck was talking ( i dont know, it's on downstairs i can't stomach this shit) said "more than even china" and i sort of felt my gorge rise out of nowhere even for something oh goody the actual words "American exceptionalism" used positively I couldn't take that shit anymore

Oh man. yeah, I had to stop watching this as I was going to vomit and I was clearly not high enough to deal with it. Anyone have enough mood stabilizing medication to get me through all this?

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