Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Who Still Needs Some Olympic Frenzy?

Who Still Needs Some Olympic Frenzy?

Cause guess what - There's always the Paralympics! Yes, the true test of human willpower. To not only come from a normal upbringing and be a powerhouse in some field - but to have a handicap and be able to come back from even that.

Since the Olympics were pretty fun to watch, it's sure as hell time for the Paralympics to roll in. Where should I watch it on....
oh...... guys....where'd everyone go? You really have to be shitting me about this statistic - is what I keep telling myself. But nope, sure enough it's true.

They spend over 2/3rds of a year worth of Olympics and not one fucking second of it will be for the Paralympics. That's some fucking dick move right there. Even in my most cynical moment I assumed that NBC would have some coverage, if only because those little TEAM USA shorts they did on the major contenders seemed perfectly geared for the inspirational porn that would come flowing out of these contenders.

You would really think that the Paralympics would be the greatest 'Bootstraps' marathon for the American media. But I guess the catch there is if you show them, then you're required to consider disabled people as human beings. My bad

It's really disgusting and I have to say that I feel so bad for all the athletes competing for their country, you know, being kicked to the fucking curb and told that they don't matter for shit by it.

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