Sunday, August 26, 2012

Venting Frustration For the Economy

Venting Frustration For the Economy

So there's this guy who is doing a thing during this tough economic situation...

On paper it's really a smart idea. I mean, it's pretty clear that the middle class is disappearing and the poverty rate is going sky high. So why not offer the chance to the rich to yell at the poor. They've been doing nothing but fucking them over left and right all over the place. I can see it now...


When you think about it, the really rich really bent over the working class and took them to the bank, literally, and told them that they too can get the American dream of home ownership at this low cost interest rate that eventually ballooned up far past they were even able to pay.

Not saying that no blame should go to them for taking a loan they had no ability to ever pay back, but I am saying that predatory actions were had by these folks. It's as if they realized the economy wasn't cranking out enough money for them to take it away - heaven forbid we raise the taxes on rich folks either because of the illusion that one day you too can be rich, would you want your taxes to be raised?! I think not.

So they went after them the only way they could - through the promise of owning a home. The one aspect that the middle class had much of an investment in anymore. And they fucked them good.

So go ahead, yell at the poor some more. The revolution is coming... I hope. Let's see who's back is against the wall first.

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