Tuesday, August 14, 2012



We've talked about Vodka, Whiskey and other such spirits and beers -- but perhaps we should take a look at the darker side of life, the stouts. Those darker drinks that just make everyone think that they're heavy as hell and are like eating a loaf of bread. Perhaps we should just look at the fun alternatives.

First off, Stouts make amazing floats. They also do well as the foundation for a cocktail. You could make this amazing drink with Ballast Point's Victory at Sea, XO patron (coffee flavored), and a vanilla stolichnaya. It taste like candy, and one was enough to ensure that you'd be drinking water for a good while after just to balance yourself out. It was two parts beer, one part each liquor. Call it something like "The sinking ship" and you have yourself a night.

Or you can go the simple route and just pour a Victory at sea stout into a glass that has a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream - bam! you're night was perfect. As you can see, stouts are great for things other than complaining that they're too heavy on you. If you're a coffee drinker, you're more than likely going to love stouts.

In short - Stouts are amazing and you should try them even if you don't like "heavy" beer. I would write more but I'm sure my time could be better spent just drinking the ones in my fridge.

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