Wednesday, January 16, 2013

California Residents Meet to Assign New Forbidden Fruit Franchise

California Residents Meet to Assign New Forbidden Fruit Franchise

With the news that Dunkin Donuts is finally returning to California come 2015, a special election has been scheduled to assign the new forbidden fruit franchise that out of state transplants will be required to complain about not having 'out here'.

No longer will fans of bad donuts and mediocre coffee be required to enjoy it while visiting Las Vegas - the last stop Westward that Dunkin Donuts has. Which plans to open up 1,000 stores all along California.
"We saw Starbucks over saturation and figured, hey. why not?" said one Dunkin Donuts representative.


With Dunkin' landing in the state, the first time since they shut down their last location in Sacramento in 2002, it leaves a gaping hole in conversation pieces about why X franchise from the east coast doesn't have a presences in California. The hope is that this special election will pave the way for a unified agreement on which franchise can be the next forbidden fruit of the Golden State.

Upon questioning, White Castle has stated that they simply can not make the trip west. Leaving the duty of spreading terrible hamburger sliders to the frozen section of the local grocery stores. Southern knock off, Krystals declined to comment. Simply leaving it with a ditto to whatever White Castle answered.

New York Bagels as a whole were one of the first to be ruled out as it was evident that the water supply would always be something to disregard as to why making a 'good' bagel 'out here' was too complicated. The Jewish culture was perfectly fine with the level of complaining that was currently held in conversational pieces.

Waffle House was left the front runner. With the nearest location to California being just shy outside of Phoenix, Arizona, it was the perfect option and currently leading the pack in polls. One New Yowker stated "While I ain't got them up here, who hasn't woken up in a Waffle House half sober when that slathered hash browns is placed in front of you during spring break at cocoa beach."

Waffle House does have the advantage of being like Dunkin Donuts, in that you could only possibly ever consider it a viable option and call it good if you're completely trashed.

No matter who wins, government officials are making it clear that the time table of two years is of concern in coming up with a consonance. "The people need to be in agreement on what they wonder why they can't get it here." council members agreed.  

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