Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hugo Chavez - R.I.P

Hugo Chavez - R.I.P 

It's pretty well know that Hugo Chavez is probably going to die very soon. So hey, how about we just go through a couple of the most favorite of moments this crazy socialist leader has done before he departed. How about we take a step back some and look at some of our early exposure to his madness towards America;

Who can forget that classic Bush talk with his "The Devil was here" speech at the UN. There's just something so wonderful about his acts. It's as if Chavez is criminally under-recognized for his contributions to the great art of trolling.

Hey, remember the time when Chavez gave Obama a copy of "Open Veins"? Maybe if he had written Fareed Zakaria's name on it, Obama would have actually read it.

But hey, democracy and all that stuff... I just like that he helped illustrate the moral cowardice of even the liberal-left media to me by being continually denounced as an authoritarian and a dictator despite being continually re-elected in free and fair elections. It's just a matter that your average American believe people south of the U.S. just don't have "real" democracy, as "they simply do not understand it" Or at least that's what every dipshit Secretary of State has to say on the matter.

"what would those oppressed peoples of the global south say to the american imperialist?"

"yankee imperialist, go home!"

Goodnight you sweet prince.

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