Friday, January 11, 2013

Those Crazy Liberal Gun Stealing Jews Are Taking Are Guns!

Those Crazy Liberal Gun Stealing Jews Are Taking Are Guns!

So hey, Alex Jones had a pretty big meltdown on the Piers Morgan Tonight show. I know what you're thinking. Who the fuck is Piers Morgan and why hasn't he dropped that stupid accent? The second thing you're wondering is how Alex Jones is even relevant. Well, he's really not but let's just roll with this notion that he is for the sake of seeing a crazy dude on television have a complete meltdown with conspiracy theories in full effect.

It's really sad that he's clearly mentally ill, because he does have some valid points, but his mind is so goddamned maelstrom with no clarity that you can't make heads or tails of it. He may be right about the whole danger of disarming the populous, the fact that most gun violence is committed with illegal handguns and not semi-automatic rifles. As well as the media coverage being responsible for the continuing waves of mass murders. Just look at that recent shooting in Kern River. But the whole building 7 bullshit and his demeanor is just too much of a fucking bonkers for the CNN crowd to do anything but dismiss anything he says.

I appreciate that he is trying his damnest to bring unconventional news and a differing perspective to the young, burgeoning information culture, but at the same time I think he could be more effective if he didn't stray so far into his own sort of twisted, paranoid perspective on the world. There will always be acts of conspiracy in the higher echelons of government and business, but the simple fact is that its very hard to keep secrets, even in the case of powerful organizations and 'all-knowing governments.' At the end of the day, the world-class governments and multi-national corporations are organizations of PEOPLE, and are still susceptible to the fallacies of individual human beings.

But, as always, I could be wrong. We could all be wrong. We could all be the remaining souls of aliens brought to this world trillions of years ago, and placed under volcanoes by the alien warlord Zenu to be re-birthed to live for billions of years and meant to serve L. Ron Hubbard in the Sea Org to save the world from the Thetans that congregate inside our bodies. You never know.

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