Friday, January 25, 2013

Star Gazing

Star Gazing

For 2013 I think it's a nice thought to try to make goals. One of those for this year would probably be to see the aurora borealis sometime. It's one of those things that I want to do before I die. You know, that sort of bucket list. Then again, perhaps space travel will become commercially viable in my lifetime I suppose watching it from space would be a whole lot cooler.

In any case, let's focus on the present. And perhaps let's focus on the night sky for just a moment. Because really, it's one of the coolest things around. Living in the city means that it's not very common to be able to see any sort of stars. Not unless I manage to find my way 40 minutes out of the heavily lived in parts of the city.

But I remember one night when I was driving through Texas and it was completely dark and empty. I mean, completely empty. Not another car for minutes for miles around you. That in itself is a bit scary. The complete darkness of it all. I just sat there on the car and stared at the night sky and how utterly amazing it was. Especially since it made me feel like my problems, my lot in life was so small and insignificant.

It felt amazing. Thus reinforcing that the night sky.. it's so fucking cool.

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