Friday, January 18, 2013

Just-an Awful Tattoo

Just-an Awful Tattoo

While I'm not one for the gossip rags, I do happen to have a finger on the pulse of pop culture. So while I don't give a shit about this little young lesbian named Justin Bieber, I have to say that her tattoo of a massively racist caricature Indian on her shoulder is beyond incredibly bad.

Wait, that's NOT a girl? Oh man. Then why does it look like a lesbian so much? Well then. it doesn't change the fact that tattoo is just plain bad. So bad I was like "baby, baby, baby no!"

It just leaves me wondering why the people who can obviously afford the best looking tattoos money can buy for some reason choose to get the worst tattoos you could probably find on a person.

I guess you really can't buy good taste.

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