Saturday, January 12, 2013

Say Goodbye To These, Michael!

Say Goodbye To These, Michael! 

In a strange turn of events, tonight's airing of the Miss America Beauty Pageant has stepped up its level of irrelevance by including a battle for life and death with someone who doesn't currently have a life or death illness.

I'm talking about Miss District of Columbia. Do they even have the ability to vote? Okay, anyhow - Win or Lose, Miss D.C. is making news as she's planning to chop off her breast after the competition in order to take preventative measures in potentially getting breast cancer.See for yourself!

Now not to be the negative Nancy in all this, but chances are that even with the decreased chances, she's still probably going to develop cancer based on the genetic disposition. Truth be told, that stance is really not

I think that her father pushing this on her at a young age is probably the biggest fucked up issue here. Telling your daughter, who only two years prior lost her mother that "You will end up dead like your mom" has to be some of the most fucked up shit possible.
"My mom would have given up every part of her body to be here for me, to watch me in the pageant," 
See, I would like to think that it would be more to the point that she not give up body parts in exchange for memories. It's really a fine line I'm doing in talking about this as any which way I can sound incredibly offensive if I lean one way or another. But to say your mother should give up, or would give up body parts if she could, well... that's even suggesting that giving up those body parts would have done any good.

What also gets me about this situation is that she is planning on doing reconstructive surgery, but said the procedure has complications and there's no guarantee that she will regain her pageant-approved bust.... Okay, let me stop you right fucking there. You know, if I had alcoholism running in my family and I made a bold prime time television statement of "Well, I'm going to give up drinking in order to prevent this from happening to me, I wouldn't be all gung-ho about speaking out on the options of near-beer/non-alcoholic variety.

I understand it's her body and her choice on the matter, but it seems like it's a big scare tactic. You don't see her going full tilt in getting her lymph nodes taken out or her lungs removed all in the name of preemptive care. And let's get another thing straight there, that's only useful for the medical industry. A bunch of unneeded surgery. It's tragic what happened to her mother, but getting a double mastectomy because your predisposed genetically is like a guy getting his balls removed because testicular cancer runs in the family.

Either way, if you're wondering, the title of the post comes from....

So hey, stare at them while you can, you objectifying average male who watches the Miss America pageant.... wait, okay, that's exactly no one. Cause, you know, football is on.

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