Monday, September 9, 2013

Breaking Music Selections

Breaking Music Selections

From the pilot you have the first montage music that the boys cooked along to in some Working for a nuclear free city. Funny considering the name Walt would later pick up for his badass self.

And then it continued that the montages were just fucking awesome.

Again, one of the reasons those montages worked so well was because of the music choices.

It's also odd how once the cook started happening with out Jesse, the montages got a little different in tone.

Still, they got pretty crazy

This one was sort of NOT a cook montage, but at the same time it was. Jesse was out with Mike getting the money drops and Walter was in the super lab getting his cook on and it's just simply amazing in every way on how that montage worked.

One of my favorite montage cook scenes was from season 5A when they first got the Vamanos Amigos cook set up going. It was such a good montage

But then, how could you forget what probably is going to be Walt's final cook montage on the show from season 5A's 8th episode where he's building his empire.

There really couldn't be a more well placed song to montage of what is happening on the screen as that one. It's just so perfect. 

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