Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What Am I Forgetting Again?

What Am I Forgetting Again?

I'm pretty sure that the most common question you'll be asked today is where you were 12 years ago when the terrible tragedy of 9/11 happened. It's best to realize that this question isn't asked of you to actually get an answer, much like how any other question typically works. No, this question is actually just an attempt to be polite in stomping you with the useless information on where the one asking this question actually was on that morning.

You really don't care, at least no sane person would. At this point it has been 12 years now. There's people in their twenties who don't actually have a good memory of the day as they were in too fucking young to actually remember anything that happened that day. I should know, I dated a few folks who were far too young to have an actual memory of what happened that day.

More than anything else, today is a day to try to sell you on useless patriotism shit by invoking 9/11 in order to sell you crap you don't need. Don't believe me? How about all these;

Who wants some 9/11 $20's, yo!

It's not like this is something new, it was a cash grab from the get go by those big businesses looking to get those fat government contracts. It was only a matter of time before your local country club got in on the action. I mean, who needs to do a day of solitude and reflection when you can get in a round or two of golf to take your mind off of things?

Yeah, it's not like that's the only deal in town today.

Though, sadly, only the second one is fake. The first one, that's an honest to goodness ad. Go figure. It's just funny that we all sort of gathered together to throw our patriotism into this day, a day that had comic book villains crying because of the horror.

Even though half of those villains have attempted to, if not, done far worse with their own, in character actions. Hell, The Juggernaunt himself knocked over one of the world trade center buildings in an X-force/Spiderman cross over in the 90's.

I'm also a bit tired of people telling me to remember 9/11. Should I constantly remember the day that being an American stopped meaning the same thing it meant the day before? Because from what I could tell, the only thing we really got out of the whole 9/11 situation was that Americans lost that very thing that we claim the terrorist hated about us. Our freedom.

After the attacks we had so much panic that we gave away all our rights in exchange for a false sense of safety that really should be reexamined. Because in many senses, the terrorist won. We lost our ability to live without fear. I'm not saying to just completely ignore it, but I am saying that we should have made an effort to show them that we aren't going to live in fear. Most of all, we aren't going to let the same government who propelled us into this direction of having others hate us be the cause as to why we no longer have the ability to do the things that we once thought we could. To allow ourselves to let our constitutional rights get taken away from us and essentially get bent over and have our rights fucked with. 

So yeah, don't you worry, I won't forget 9/11. It's the day we started to become the thing we never wanted to become.

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