Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ending Bad

Ending Bad

It all leads up to tonight's episode. Here's some things to get you extremely pumped up for this final episode to what is the most amazingly thought out and scripted drama. Far beyond The Wire. Yes, I said it. Fuck The Wire when compared to Breaking Bad.

With those two jazzing you up, we get to the downfall of Walt's empire. When the shit hit the fan and when it all came crumbling down...

Which leads to Walt's departure to the Live Free or Die state of New Hampshire. Which leads into our final episode with Walt realizing that the legacy he is leaving, with the legacy that he has left being the Blue Sky meth and his choice that he needs to now be an Empire Destroyer when just last season he was an Empire builder.

Tonight can't come soon enough. But then once it does... Breaking Bad will be over.

So bittersweet.

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