Saturday, September 14, 2013

Kickstarter? More Like Kick Bricks, Fool!

Kickstarter? More Like Kick Bricks, Fool! 

Kickstarter is a great place for folks who have small goals or little ideas to get some backing from the internet. But then there's the underside to all this and you see that not every moron who decides to beg for money on the internet is capable of being smart enough to get said cash.

Take Crooked Bottle for example. The idea of some local brewers who decided to create a local beer incubator that was licensed and locals could come in and try their hand at brewing their ideas.
This project takes the craft of home brewing and opens it up to the public.  This is a craft beer incubator, which gives amateur brewers a path to commercial success.  We will regularly collaborate with our best amateur brewers to bring new and exciting beers to market.

It had a set amount for their kickstarter to succeed at $25,600. Of that, they received $24,357. Which means that their funding was not successful and it failed by a simple $243. Which begs the question, how fucking retarded are these people?

Did no one in this group of ragtag morons have a credit card on hand or some friend to just lend them $243 to meet the goal? When you think about it, $243 is pennies when you're facing the potential of getting $25,600 in return. It's well worth it to just charge it on your card instead of letting all that money just get flushed down the toilet.

They clearly weren't smart enough to drop an initial investment and get the whole bucks and now they were so close to reaching their goal and now have nothing to show for it but a wasted month's worth of time and to be looked at as morons on the internet.

Maybe they could have chosen a realistic and obtainable goal. or maybe they just needed to work for the money, borrow a loan from the bank or find proper investors and generate a business plan to repay back that loan. This isn't some sad tragedy. The headline of this piece should really just read "Lucky fuckers almost got $25k for a bunch of useless trinkets and a pipe dream.

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