Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Getting Lucky At Mario Paint

Getting Lucky At Mario Paint 

Oh hey, look at this. Another no content day. I'm hard at work on some other side projects that got me typing away at something important. So I don't have time to talk about how Obama is being silly with Syria, or whatever it is this blog seemed to have morphed into since the days that I was actually a comedy writer.

Still, here's this little GET LUCKY rendition that is well worth your few moments of your time;

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antonkritzinger said...

Hi Javier

I saw that you are an avid neon collector, and was hoping you were in the market for a one of a kind, unique piece of neon art? It was made by a sign and advertisesment company some years ago. Multiple colored gemoetic shapes under plexi glass custom showcase and chip board stand. Asking 650$ obo

If you arent in the market, if you would please point me in the direction of who would be, thanks